Boss Junior – Die nächste Generation übernimmt

This new documentary series, for WDR, follows family businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia, just before the next generation takes over. The pilot episode can be seen online in the ARD Mediathek.

Anybody who wants to build a business needs talent, ambition, support and trust in themselves and their employees – who better to support this endeavour than one’s own family?  No wonder then that, in Germany, there are about 180,000 family-run businesses, and these companies can be found in different business areas – from caterers, to a bridal fashion store, to a house-clearance company. Germany’s family-run companies are bright and diverse. However, now the time has come for parents, or perhaps even grandparents, who have built their companies with sweat and tears, to hand the reins over to the next generation. New ideas meet traditional methods; digital trends meet analogue processes, and young meets old.