Tierretter mit Herz

Our new documentary series entitled ‘Tierretter mit Herz’ focuses on the emotional, challenging and tireless work of vets and animal rescuers. Whether pets, farm or wild animals – every day, the animal rescuers give their all to support and help the mainly four-legged charges and their owners in difficult situations, and to save lives. RTL+

Hausärzte mit Herz

The documentary follows five general practitioners (GPs) during their daily routine. All of them operate under time pressure, treat emergency cases and help their patients to cope with unexpected diagnoses. Despite all this, they never lose their empathy and passion for their work. In addition to featuring the doctors’ work, the documentary also offers a glimpse into their private lives. All the current episodes are available in the ARD Mediathek.

Tierbabys – süß und wild!

Baby animals are so very sweet. Regardless of the breed, people immediately fall in love little kittens, lovely puppies and tiny polar bears. In our animal documentary, we show how fascinating the birth and the first few months can be for the little four-legged friends. The last season can be seen on RTL+.

Boss Junior – Die nächste Generation übernimmt

This new documentary series, for WDR, follows family businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia, just before the next generation takes over. The pilot episode can be seen online: ARD Mediathek.

Schlaflos in Portugal

SCHLAFLOS IN PORTUGAL (Sleepless in Portugal) has been awarded the Produzentenpreis für deutsche Fernsehproduktion in Hamburg (Director: Florian Froschmayer, Screenplay: Saythan Ramesh).


The documentary series follows German police officers during their night-shift. The first season is available in the ARD Mediathek.