Schlaflos in Portugal


Richard and Amira have long been friends. Together with their partners, Livia and Martin and their children, they spend every summer holiday in the Algarve – but, this time, everything is different.

Script: Sathyan Ramesh | Director: Florian Froschmayer

Cast: Ulrike C. Tscharre, Oliver Mommsen, Melika Foroutan, Barry Atsma, Kya-Celina Barucki, Julius Gause

Executive Producer: Julia Röskau | Producers: Jürgen Schuster, Geronimo Beckers

TV Movie, 90 Minutes

Official Selection, Filmfest Hamburg 2021

SCHLAFLOS IN PORTUGAL has been awarded the Produzentenpreis für Deutsche Fernsehproduktion 2021.