Zurück zu Europa – Der Kurzfilm zur Europawahl

On the occasion of the European elections in 2019, Fandango Film TV GmbH produced a short film on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation which, with humour and exaggeration, depicted Europe’s added value for people’s everyday lives, thus drawing attention to the forthcoming elections.

The film won the Altiero Spinelli Prize, a prestigious award given by the European Commission that rewards initiatives that improve awareness of the European Union. The film landed in the top five, not just at the European Excellence Awards, one of the most important awards for European communication, but also at the renowned German Politics Award.

Script: David Huth | Director: David Huth | Camera: Paul Bogdanski, Daniel Voigt | Editing: Sarah Hahnemann | After-Effects: Roger Kleiber, Tobias Efler | Sound: Nils Jaeger, Alexander Kusikow, Johannes Henke | Music: Peter Wieschermann | Postproduction: Nils Koenen, Björn Büchel | Production: Bernd Kuckelkorn, Julia Rocholl, Stephan Stein

Production management: Bernd Kuckelkorn
Producer: Geronimo Beckers